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Our Story

The year was 1958 when a humble nine-seat restaurant in Montreal's Quartier Latin flipped its first burger. 60 years later, the tasty establishment climbed the ranks from friendly little diner to full-blown Montreal institution. And while the location changed - it's currently situated at 1198 Saint-Catherine Street West in a much larger 135-seat space - its friendliness and tried-and-tested fare remain in check.

Mister Steer owes its longstanding reputation to its famous #Steerburger, winner of several awards throughout the years from The Montreal Star, The Suburban and The Montreal Gazette. From the first bite, you'll note that only the finest cuts of kosher beef and freshest ingredients are used. You'll also appreciate Mister Steer's famous seasoning: a signature flavour that makes the renowned, Montreal burger one of a kind.

The Extras

Join the Team

Mister Steer is the perfect environment for students and other energetic guys or gals looking for part-time employment. If you like to smile and appreciate quality eats, come leave your mark in a tasty piece of Montreal history. Give them a call!

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Mister Steer Gift Cards

Treat hungry friends, family and employees to the juiciest burgers Montreal has to offer. Mister Steer gift cards come in a wide range of denominations and guarantee many happy folks on your gift list, year round!

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